Antique Bedroom Furniture Design

Sep 17th

A key in the design of antique bedroom furniture, say decorators and interior designers, is how furniture is distributed. If there is space, there is not much difficulty. The bed should go on the longest wall, near a source of natural lighting. And have two support bases at the ends either small tables or floating shelves. If we talk about storage, an easy idea to achieve is to take advantage of one of the perpendicular walls to design a wardrobe or wardrobe. They can be open or closed.

The proposals are numerous; there are minimalist of tubular type in stainless steel or classic style in wood, with several drawers, niches and areas to hang clothes. Another option of antique bedroom furniture is those that incorporate a mirror, such as a placar or night table, they are a great choice since they will help to make the room look bigger.

Mirrors can also be seen decorating a wall or as part of the dressing table. In front of antique bedroom furniture or on the side there are several possibilities such as designing a dressing room or bathroom, place a small desk, dresser, sofa, library or TV cabinet. A large carpet, for example, will help anchor the space. You can choose night tables and lamps that extend along the longest wall and take advantage of that footage to place a dresser or armchair.

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