Choosing DIY Bedroom Furniture

Sep 17th

DIY Bedroom Furniture – A bedside table is one of the easiest do-it-yourself-bedroom furniture projects. Wardrobe doors are lightweight, easy to work with and once primed, become an empty cloth for your creative talents. This project can work for all bedrooms in your house.


Measure the width of your bed to determine how many 20-inch wide wardrobe doors you need. DIY Bedroom Furniture OK if the gable is wider than the mattress. Prime and paint the doors to complement your bedroom decor. Stripes can be achieved by using targeting tape. Use templates if desired. Use a drill to secure doors to each other using two hinges per joint. Attach the hinges to the back of the doors, with a close top and a close bottom.

Keep the door against the wall in place and use a level to make sure it is still. Have a friend draw a pencil line on the wall at the top of the gable. Also mark the center of each panel on the wall. Use the drill to attach an L-bracket to each marker. The DIY Bedroom Furniture should be upside down so that the gable can lie against the upper arm and hide the side arm behind it. Have a friend to hold the gable in place and attach the consoles. Slide the bed in its frame firmly against the bedside to hold it in place.

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