How to Color Modern Rustic Furniture

Sep 18th

Modern Rustic Furniture is used to create a simple and natural look. This type of furniture is often used in cottages or in a home that has a rustic style theme. Rustic furniture is usually colored, worried to give it a tire look and also has plenty of visible twigs. Just because it’s rustic does not mean you cannot personalize it by dyeing the wood a certain color to match your own taste.


Remove all boxes and doors from furniture if any. Remove all angry or boxes and doors as well. Place these pieces on a clean work table in the standing position. Carefully sand the Modern Rustic Furniture with an electric hand grinder and 220 grit sandpaper. Always sand in fiber direction to avoid scratches, which will be very noticeable when stain is applied. Do not make a heavy grind because rustic furniture is supposed to look natural – you just want to level all raised grain.

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Wipe the Modern Rustic Furniture clean with a please cloth. Slag cloth raises sawdust from the wood. Shake and touch the stain very well. Most of the pigment (staining) lies on the bottom of the can during transport and when it is sitting on the shelves in the store. Apply the stain on furniture with a soft brush. Apply it in fiber direction; this allows the stain to penetrate properly into the wood. Allow the stain to sit on the wood for three to five minutes. The longer you let the stain sit, the darker color will be. Be careful not to leave the stain for more than five minutes, as it will start to dry. If the color is not as dark as you want it, apply a second layer after the first one has dried.

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