How to Color Outdoor Wood Furniture

Sep 19th

Outdoor Wood Furniture – Adding a colorful stain on your outdoor wood furniture is an easy way to quickly light up your garden with patio. Outdoor furniture can become dull and weather-proof over time from continuous exposure to the elements. You can revive your tile or peeling patio table and chairs and give them a new look with a bright layer of color. All you need is bets, brushes and a few hours to spend outdoors


Prepare your workplace by placing the magazine under the furniture if you work on grass. If you work on concrete, wipe the surface with a hose to dilute the stain mixture to quickly flush it away. Spray your Outdoor Wood Furniture with a hose to clean it properly. Apply a tire cleaner or lightening solution, to remove dirt and refill wood. Note: Work up with the solution to avoid stripes

Let the solution penetrate the furniture for several minutes. Scrub any remaining paint or anchored dirt with a steel brush. Rinse the remaining solution and allow the furniture to dry completely in the sun. Sand Outdoor Wood Furniture with sandpaper for a smooth, even surface. Note: Do not over-sand or the wood will have difficulty coping with the paint. Use a weight over sandpaper to grind tight spaces and edges. Cover the furniture with wood primer, with a wide brush. Allow the primer to dry completely. Cover the furniture with a gel bite. Use a brush to coat the edges and use the applicator pad, supplied with the stain, for lacquering flat planks of wood. Distribute evenly, and work the stain in the tree’s veins.

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