How to Paint Modern Style Furniture

Sep 18th

Modern Style Furniture – Give your regular wood furniture the appearance of a French antique to a fraction of the cost with faux finishing technique with paint coloring. For the most authentic imitation, study antique items to see their patterns of natural wear. Take the project a step further by replacing drawer draws and steals with historical reproductions.


Protect floors and work surfaces with plastic foil. Tape plastic over all pieces of furniture that you will not paint, such as fabric garments. Sand lacquered Modern Style Furniture with a slipper to remove the glossy finish. Wipe the surface with a please cloth. Rub a candle on parts of the furniture where you want the wood to look through.

Apply latex paint to Modern Style Furniture with a nylon polyester brush. Use a 3- or 4-inch brush for large projects and a 1-1 / 2-inch brush for more detailed areas. Use two layers of color. Allow the paint to dry for a few hours. Use steel wool in areas where the wax has been applied. Rub until the original wood surface is visible. Distress other areas with steel wool, as desired. Sand it painted the surface with 220-slip paper for a more tired look. Wipe the furniture with a please cloth. Paint furniture with a toned wax. Use a rigid natural brush to apply wax in cracks and corners. Wipe the wax outside the furniture with a clean dry cloth after 2 to 3 hours.

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